Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another nice day...
 As long as you don't break down right.Well that happens from time to time like today when a couple of guy,some I knew,some I just met,were heading by the house when problems started.
 I got a call as I was heading down the stairs to head out for my own ride that one of the guys clutches was on the fritz so I told them to roll it over and put it on the lift for a look.Nothing big,a simple adjustment later and they were looking good.I held off going with since I've been short on funds the last few weeks and watched them roll out seven deep down rt6.
 The ol' lady had come home and still sick had all the laundry going up stairs so I gave her a hand and headed back out to the garage to pick up the tool.She was heading back out to finish the rest and so I said fuck it and headed for rt105 to maybe catch the fellas at the Pondo.Made it there in record time just to catch them finishing their beers to head out again.We rode up through lakeville up and around the ponds into Middleboro.After a quick pit stop for a electrical problem on one of the bikes we kept movin till we hit rt28,hung a left and headed for the Shooter half way back to Wareham.
-Note-not the Shooter in Wareham.That place can kiss my ass!
 Long story short,we stopped,I had a beer on Tony (thanks homie) I headed out for Ciderville to Dirty' but that's another story...
 Ran into my brother Gike at the bar,see we're step brothers and both of us are Mike so...
Hadn't seen the Rat-Shovel out and about in a while.
--76' FLH Police Special--

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