Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Blog Ever: An introduction

Good Evening Readers,

Let me introduce myself; Evan in Massachusetts. EvinMA for short.
It's only been 10 years since I have started my motorcycle journey. It started on a 1983 Honda XR100 I found on the way to church one morning. It was BEAT! I've been hopeless ever since, doing everything in my power to satisfy my appetite.
Saving up whatever extra cash I could for those "GO FAST" parts, annoying the neighbors with some early morning warm ups, hoping to goodness that people don't notice that dirtbikes have no plates or lights. The list goes on. I should stop now before I get myself in trouble.

Here in New England, it can be tough to keep the faith during those long cold months. Some can't stand it and release their two wheeled summer companion, others pretend they don't have a bike at all until they find it once again waiting for them in the spring, others don't give a damn and ride whenever the hell they want, and lastly if you're like me, you build.

But why?

I think this will take some time for us to discover.

Another big topic I'll be covering is The Workshop. The area in which you create. It may be a dark, damp garage or shed to some but to you it is a Sanctuary. A safe place. I'll talk more about the idea of The WorkShop later on.

Thats enough for today, racing STI's is always fun right?!


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  1. 2-stroke Motard. The last time I did that I was riding a YZ250 setup for arenacross(motor) lowered with street wheels and RR rubber. Knees down all around. Went around a hairpin and high sided. My fault. Pain every morning for a moment or two. Can't wait for Ice this winter and trackdays this spring!