Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Golden Ratio of Value

Like all great thinkers through all ages, I was struck with a vast lightning bolt of genius in the shower whilst trying to escape the stresses gained during the day. It might be TMI but thoughts of Yours Truly in the shower will long be forgiven or forgotten at the conclusion of this short but dense (hopefully) passage. I ventured out into the Blogging World to spread the word to question everything we do as motorcycle enthusiasts, and why we have taken it upon ourselves to even venture this far into thought about what others may simply see as a two-wheeled mode of transportation at a simple glance.
Lets go straight to the jugular of this subject: Value.
Many (if not all) enthusiasts that enjoy internal combustion engines and whatever they are connected to add a personal value to whichever variant they own. It doesn't have to be only a monetary value, but try to add a dimension of an experience value.
What car, bike, engine, toy have you ever owned that gave you the Golden Ratio of Value? For me, I can't think of a single one.
Let me explain: The Golden Ratio, a comparison of the added value from the owner to the owned experience that the device provided. In simple terms: Smiles per Miles.
How many times have you seen on CL, an ad for a well sorted machine going for cheap because the owner now renounces complete ownership of the experience provided and now regrets investing time and money into said machine.
HAS THIS BEEN YOU? Buying a cheap bike only to have day dreams about building it? These added values can be imaginary! Wake up! Is this two-wheeled Device paying you back for the time you invest staring at it by giving you the experience value of starting up and allowing you to pass through time and space at an alarming (and dangerous!) rate of speed. If not, then find something that does. Period. Beware the traps of false values.
As your author I can fully preach of these experiences because I have been there. Now I can safely say I have been cleansed through by releasing those bikes that do NOT deliver the Golden Ratio.
Spending more time wrenching than riding? Does this mean you have an improper ratio, or does it only add to the value once that kicker is kicked for the first time. This deserves more thought and more explanation.

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