Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Users Guide to Parking Lot Racing

Rules suck. Let's be honest. You can never be too careful when it comes to covering your ass or being liable for someone else's mistakes/stupidity. Which brings us to what many riders dream of: Long curvy cambered roads, no cyclists, and most importantly, no enforced speed limits! Unless you live on the Isle of Mann, we can only dream of unlimited riding aggression and bashing bars with friends in a safe and controlled environment. That is, until you discover the easily overlooked real estate known as the american parking lot. As you drive through new environments, take on the role of surveyor of the untamed. Stake your claim of the asphalt no mans land. Step one: The drive by. Make it quick, and observe as much as you can. Take mental notes on track conditions, natural surroundings, and proximity of residential areas. Don't stay long! Step two: The warm up. For your next visit, be creative and lay out a track that challenges your skills. Keep it tight! Step three: bring friends and race. The more the merrier. Make sure your friends are safe riders. You're not racing for points here. Step four: take pics before Johnny Law comes! The most important thing about parking lot racing is to remember that it is good cheap fun! No getting up early to make tech inspection,no driving hours and hours away, and most importantly you don't have to break the bank to do it. Case in point: A beat up Honda XR100. after spending less than $200 for tires and smaller front rim Im ready to roll! Now for the pics provided by Kristin Voisine:

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