Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Montauk Run '09

After an especially wet and muddy Gypsy Run this year the crew wanted to regain some of our lost mojo and do another ride into NY, ultimately out to Montauk Point...the very end of Long Island, next stop Portugal.
Our route from NH/MA took us south on Rte. 395 to New London, CT where we picked up a ferry which was a pretty cool adventure by itself. Load 'em up, strap 'em down. The weather treated us right for a change and we had a good 90 minute trip across the water and onto the Island. From there it was Rtes. 25 and 27 out to Montauk. The Hamptons are indeed nice...we saw several Ferraris and Maseratis on the hoof out there.
Once in town we secured some rooms at The Ronjo and then proceeded to hold down a bar for 8 hours (The Shagwong!). Good beer & food; the chef even came out with a tray of calamari, wings and other goodies on the house. Nice...
After the Shagawong we headed out to Salivar's bar for more refreshments and a peek at the world record Great White shark head that's lived there since the 60's. Another great place, right on the water, cool for walking around on the pier and checking out the fishing boats.
Next day we did a little sightseeing around the Point, then we went our separate ways and bombed homeward. Good times, thanks to our host Marco. Again next fall?

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