Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Runnin solo to Provincetown-Cape Cod,MA....
From El Paintero: 
"This is My first time contributing on FWTMA.I'm gonna start with a post from my blog from last Sat.More to come!" 
--Masshole Moto

 Headed down Cape the other day for a run out of Dennis to the end of the world,Provincetown,MA.Took 6a all the way down and it was a great ride,140 miles+  round trip for me coming from Wareham.Route 6a is on the north side of Cape and also the quiet side.It is a nice winding and scenic road all the way to Orleans,about 40 miles long,and then it dumps out to a double lane road all the way to Provincetown another 30 miles away.Both of the dudes coming with had bike trouble so I went on my own.It was some sort of benefit for police dogs or something like that.I basically went for the ride because it was a nice day but I also wanted to scout out the route for something I want to get goin next year.It was a non-stop run,150+ bikes running red lights with the cops blocking all intersections on the way and ending up at the end of the P-town pier.My friggin exhaust pipe trouble continued with it hanging off all the way there and back so I put a tension spring on it today,we'll see later today...
Here's some picks from the other day.
Check out this sick ass grill truck...
I ended up next to all the cops but got no tickets for all my violations...

For reference here is the route:

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