Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Montauk Run '10!

Columbus Day weekend is time again for Marco's Montauk NY run, so on Saturday morning 8 of the MA/NH crew saddled up and did the high-speed highway blast down to New London, CT where we picked up the first of three ferries that put us into Orient Point, NY.

The weather was perfect for riding and the 90 min ferry ride across the Long Island Sound provided an opportunity to rest up, get a bite and check out the scenery from the water.

A couple more short ferry hops landed us on the island and we rode our way down to the South fork and into the Hamptons, finally ending up in Montauk. There we landed outside the Shagwong Tavern where we met up with about 2 dozen of the NJ and NY contingent for dinner and refreshments. We lined the streets with shovels, Sporties, Triumphs, BMWs and even Fritz' ZX-10 was in attendance.

Marco took folks on a tour of Camp Hero (if you don't know what that is, check it out...it involved the US government, Cold War, time travel, and mind control...!!) then headed back to the Shagwong.

Eventually we made our way back out to the famous Salivar's dockside tavern to once again say hi to the great white shark.

We had caused enough trouble for one night and headed back into town for some much needed sleep. Sunday morning we all had breakfast, said our goodbyes and headed back out. More great riding, more ferries and then home.

Till next year.

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  1. That looks like a real good time.I have always wanted to check that place out.