Friday, October 29, 2010

Rode down Cape for lunch
Here we are less than a week before Halloween and the weather is great.When I was a kid it might snow anywhere up to two weeks before the holiday and you would defiantly have a frost by now.Not this year.Today's high was about 70 degrees and that was on Cape that is always cooler than the main land.Best part is the foliage has just flipped so all the trees are red,yellow,orange,and purple.It looks real cool rippin down the rodes that the trees curl over.I wore my leather and at one point almost bungeed it.Alfredo,his buddy(Sorry brother but it slips my dumb ass mind) and me stopped at Morrel's in S. Dennis for some grub.Haddock under "LOBSTAH" sauce was the shit!It wasn't until I got back to the Canal that the weather turned ugly.Pee soup fog all the way home to the point that I was whipping my glasses every fifty feet.Not a bad day at all for this time of year.

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Only got two pic's cause my batt. died...

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